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What is SiO Controller?

The SiO Controller is a simple input/output control system that makes electric automation accessible and easy for everyone. It works by setting the ON/OFF status of an input device to send ON/OFF commands to an output device.

How is SiO Controller different from a PLC?

SiO Controller is ideal for making simple improvements to situations where full PLC would be considered "over-engineering".

Control Device Function Chart PC XA-A4-Controller SiO3 Controller GF P/U and Stopper Unit Controller PLC Motion Controller
SUS Products
Type of Motor and Number of Axis Servo Motor 32 Axis Step Motor 4 Axis N/A Step Motor 1 Axis Servo Motor 32 Axis
Program Method Flow Chart Programming Language Multiple Choice N/A Ladder Chart
Program Memory Dependent on the PC 3,000 Step Lines Fixed N/A 30,000 Step Lines
Number of Inputs/Outputs Input/Output 65,535 Possible Input: 16
Input: 16
Input: 16
Input: 16
N/A Input/Output 4,096 Possible
Sequence Controll Yes Yes Somewhat No Very Much
Ease of Use Moderate Moderate Easy Very Easy Complex

What program do I use with SiO Controller?

SiO Controller is typically used with SiO Programmer, a multiple-choice software for Windows OS. SiO Programmer is logically designed so that anyone can write programs after a little practice.

Operating System Windows7 (32bit/64bit) / Windows8 (32bit/64bit) / Windows8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows10 (32bit/64bit)
CPU & Memory 800MHz and up. Usable memory 512MB.
Hard disk free space Free space: More than 10MB
Display Resolution: More than 1280 x 768. Color: More than 256 colors
Interface USB port

For Windows 7:
You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your PC before you can install the SiO Programmer.

For Windows 8-10:
You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC before you can install the SiO Programmer.

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