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Karakuri Mechanisms

Working Smarter

A Mechanism That Makes Use of Gravity

  • A Mechanism That Makes Use of Gravity

SUS's Karakuri Mechanisms utilize gravity and the natural weight of items to achieve simple automation. Many tasks that once required an operator can now be unmanned. And because traditional Karakuri mechanisms don't require electricity, operational costs are minimized for truly lean manufacturing.

Link Mechanism

Link Mechanism

The link mechanism consists of movable links and joints specially designed to be long-lasting. Its ability to convert a circular motion to linear force makes it useful for many different applications.

Movable Pulley

Movable Pulley

The name "Movable Pulley" comes from the mechanism's movable axis which strategically adjusts the pulley during operation. The pulleys double the amount of weight you can move in a single motion.

Sample Modules

90° Turn

90 deg Turn Table

The table turns 90 degrees, maintaining orientation of the tote.

Horizontal Turn

Horizontal Turn Table

The table tilts and changes the orientation of the tote around the turn.

Dispenser (Stopper)

Container Separate Stopper (Revolver Type)

The mechanism dispenses a single tote at a time using stoppers.

Dispenser (See-Saw)

Container Separate Stopper (Seasaw)

By depressing a foot pedal, totes are dispensed one at a time using a see-saw mechanism.


Conveyor Anti-rollback Device

This item blocks any backwards movement of a tote so that it can only move in the direction it was first loaded. The Anti-rollback prevents reverse flow on trolleys, chuters, conveyors, etc.

Sample Applications

NEWElectric 90° Turn

Electric 90 Degree Turn

NEWOverpass Transfer

Overpath Transfer

NEWElectric Lifter

Electric Elevator

NEWElectric Flip Flop Chuter

Electric FlipFlop Chuter

NEWElectric Level Lifter

Electric Level Lifter

NEWPalette Chuter

Palette chuter

Sample Applications

NEWElectric Transfer Table

Electric Transfer for Asembly

NEWDispensing Trolley with AGV

AGV combined with Chuter

NEWHow to Tie Fishing Gut Wire

How to Tigh Fishing String

NEWHorizontal Turn

Horizontal Turn

NEWFlip Flop


NEWDispensing Trolley

Dispense Dolly

Sample Applications



Multiple Level Chuter

Multiple-stage Chuter

Presentation Flip Flop Chuter

Tilt Turn Chuter

Flip Up Trolley

Flip-up Trolley

Tote Separating Chuter

Container Separate Chuter