2. About Us

About Us

Management principles

Business Attitude

Harmony created between customers and us.

We shall offer products and service to our customers in mutual trust, and share with them limitless pleasure and satisfaction.

Corporate Culture

Nourishing corporate culture filled with energy and communication.

While recognizing that our employees are assets to the company, we shall make efforts to fill our workplace with energy and communication, and shall regard the company as a place in which people can grow and find a sense of accomplishment.

Contribution to the Society

Successful results shall be actively returned to the society.

We shall put our efforts into creating an affluent society, through our business activities, as a truly meaningful organization for our local community, customers and shareholders.

Development Principles

Unique but standardization-oriented ideas.

We shall offer products of high quality at reasonable prices, manufactured through unique but standardization oriented ideas.

Resource Conservation

Philosophy to use limited resources repeatedly and effectively.

We shall make efforts to use limited earthen resources effectively, and manufacture products considering environmental conservation, harmony with nature, and the recycling of resources.

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Conduct Guidelines

Deliberate in Counsel, Prompt in Action.

We are working alongside the rapid changes of the times. As stopping in our tracks means retreat, we shall be always encouraged to make changes . And to keep us changing, we shall improve our ability to think and promptly put our ideas into action.

Pursuit of Promptness

We shall place the highest priority on speed and shall always pursue it in every aspect of business, while being aware that management is determined by the speed of making proposals and actions.

Tenacity Toward Accomplishment

We shall have an unbreakable spirit and tenacity to get each job done once started. Keep challenging harder work and completing it-this process shall strengthen our tenacity toward accomplishment.

Offering Advantages

We shall do our best to provide advantages to our customers, such as man-power-saving, cost reduction and quality assurance, along with our products and service. We consider that work producing no such advantages is useless, and deal with our tasks while customers are aware of our determination and value our work.

Organic Automation System

In theory we shall advocate the Organic Automation System (OAS) theory. This is an idea for manufacturing products by building up standardized units like piling blocks, which allows us to manufacture reliable, economical devices in a short time.

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