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The SF Standard Frame Series is specially designed for machine tables and clean booths. Thanks to its design flexibility and recyclability, SF frames are an exceptional building material. In addition to its reasonable cost, sleek design, versatility, and durability, our SF Standard Frame Series enjoys the same design and assembly support as all SUS products.

Total Support from Design to Assembly to Shipment

Start with a sketch. SUS's team will turn it into a detailed CAD rendering and parts list. Because this service is free, you can focus on the quoted estimate and design details, reducing your total cost and time expenditure. After your order has been placed, SUS can assemble the unit to further save you time, or simply ship out the full set of components.

Resin and Steel Plate Panels

In addition to our high-quality framing, SUS also produces several styles of panels that can be used as covers or doors to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Reasonable Prices

SUS can now offer even lower prices on our SF Series. By producing in our own factories and reducing distribution overhead, it's more cost effective than ever to try the SF Frame Series on your production floor.

International Purchasing Available

Did you know that SUS has offices all over the world? Wherever you or your business are located, you can find support for placing your order.

Exact Measurements and Quick Delivery

The SF Standard Frame Series can be accurately cut in 0.1mm increments between 50mm and 4000mm - that's 4 thousandths of an inch between 2 and 157 inches. With precision this high, your SF unit is sure to be a perfect fit. And thanks to our standard measurements and self-manufacture, delivery is faster and more economical than ever. (6000mm (236 inch) lengths are available via special order.)

Reuse and Recycle

SF frames are combined via nuts and bolts, not welding. This means adjustments, repurposing, and disassembly are a breeze. In the event that you need to dispose of your SF unit, SUS's recycling program allows you to send back your used components for a discount on your next purchase. With this system, everyone wins— including the planet.

Beautiful and Resilient

SUS uses the A6N01SS-T5 (JIS) type of aluminum which is especially robust among extrusions, and the strength of each joint is ensured by dedicated nuts and bolts. The smooth, professional appearance is protected by a 9μm-thick alumite glaze that keeps the SF Standard Frame Series looking bright and sleek over time.

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