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Green Frame is SUS's most popular product, and with good reason. The aluminum extrusion is designed to optimize the balance between strength and weight, making it 60% lighter than welded steel and 20% stronger than resin-coated steel piping. Each joint is affixed with a single, dedicated bolt designed to produce a right angle and parallel lines every time. Thanks to an alumite treatment which makes GF highly resistant to rust, scratches, and dust, the GF Series is ideal for use on factory floors, cleanrooms, offices, and more.

Light Weight

Aluminum naturally possesses about 1/3 the mass of steel. Each extrusion's weight is further reduced by GF's hollow shape. And because the connectors and accessories are also aluminum, your GF structure remains easy to maneuver, reducing strain on operators and improving ergonomics.

Lasting Finish

SUS tested the corrosion resistance of the GF Series by exposing it to water and keeping the components in high-humidity environments. In the test, GF far outlasted steel piping exposed to the same conditions. This makes it ideal for use in horticulture, the outdoors, and in humid climates. The sleek finish provided by the hardened alumite surface is also scratch and dust resistant– the perfect material for businesses with a high hygienic standard.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable metals in the world. The amount of electricity used to refine a recycled ingot is only 3% of that needed to refine a new ingot. Both GF frames and GF connectors are made from aluminum, minimizing our manufacturing sites’ impact on the environment.


GF structures are quick and easy to assemble thanks to the dedicated bolt on each joint and the notches on the extrusions. So it should come as no surprise that they are also easy to disassemble. The combination of lightweight GF frames and their versatile connectors easily answer the demands of evolving work environments. Rearrange structures to new orientations, adjust them to suit different operators, or completely repurpose your GF components into a new creation.

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