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"AZ" stands for "Anzen", and "Anzen" means "Safety". The AZ Safety Fence Series is here to protect your workers and property. Not only are the fences durable and easy to assemble, but they also improve the appearance of the production floor.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy installation

    The standardized units come together with a few simple brackets, saving your workforce valuable time.

  • Low Cost and High Durability

    High rigidity at low price

    AZ fences' dedicated design means a high level of durability at a low cost. The eco-friendly aluminum is treated with alumite, ensuring a long-lasting, professional appearance.

  • Accessories


    To support your work floor's safety standards, devices such as safety switches and indicator lights are also available. Our attachment kits allow easy installation of these devices directly onto the AZ Safety Fence.

  • Customizable

    Easy order system

    The width of each AZ fence can be cut to suit. Be sure to note your desired width in your order.

  • A Wide Range of Choices

    Height 2,150mm / 1,800mm / 1,170mm
    Door type Normal or Overhanging Sliding Door
    *For Overhanging Sliding Door, height is limited to 2150mm
    Frame color Yellow or Silver
    Door material 13 possible combinations from wire mesh to resin panels
    A wide range of choice

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Area Guard : Product Benefits

Area Guard

Strong, but light-weight

Low cost

Easy assembly
Utilizing our GF Green Frame Series, assembly is quick and simple

Access points
Area Guard doors widen the application range and versatility

Yellow and silver frames available

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