SUS News

We've reached 400 subscribers on our YouTube channel! thank you to everyone for supporting us. We have more great videos in the works for 2019. Be sure to watch for them on our channel.
Our same-day processing cut-off has changed to 2:00PM (CT). All requests submitted after this time will be processed on the next business day.
SUS America's YouTube Channel just surpassed 330 subscribers! Be sure to take a look for the latest lean manufacturing ideas.
Steel bolts have returned to our most popular connectors: GFJ-000, GFJ-200, GFJ-202, GFJ-A15, and GFJ-A11.

GF Series

GF (Green Frame) structural aluminium frames have been designed as a material for work boards, cart, chuters, and racks, to offer the optimum adaptability to factory automation.

SF Series

SF (Standard Frame) is best suited for machine tables and Clean booths. It's very effective as a building component due to its flexibility and recyclability.


Big result with a small effort. Our aluminium frames (GF, Karakuri) work with only a little energy.
Convenient for transportation of parts and works. The lightweight aluminium frames reduce operator workload and offer freedom to modify size as well as shape of the composition.


SUS offers a variety of hybrid factory automation products that combine standard modules with minimum motorization. Simple automation structures and stable movements will reduce the need for adjustment. The Hybrid Chute uses “The Power Unit” as its motor-assisted mechanism and makes two types of electronic movements: the up-down movement and the inclination (unlocking) of the table. These electronic movements not only prevent impact to the work but are also suitable for the supplying and discharging of empty boxes that are hard to flow with their own weight.