Light, strong, and quick to assemble, GF framing optimizes your time and space on the production floor. Learn why GF aluminum frames are trusted by the world’s top manufacturers.

GF Series

Gravity and ingenuity power these simple automation units. With both standard units and custom structures available, the time to save effort and energy with karakuri is now.

Karakuri Automation

Designed for heavy-duty support and strength, square-type SF framing is not only powerful, it’s also compatible with the GF Series. 20 styles of frames and dozens of accessories are available.

SF Series

SiO Controller is a simple input/output system that makes electric automation accessible and easy for everyone. Thanks to SiO’s logical, multiple-choice software, kaizen improvements are only a click away.

SiO Series

Improve safety and aesthetics with durable fences shipped to you as pre-assembled panels. Just link, stand, and bolt to the floor. Several door styles are also available.

Pre-programmed with SUS’s products, our free CAD software allows you to design your own structures and produce parts lists instantly. The program includes an in-depth tutorial to start you off right.

Join the karakuri revolution by learning the essentials on these miniature mechanisms and structures. Complete with instruction manuals and assembly videos, mini-karakuri give you the hands-on knowledge you’ve been looking for.

Start a kaizen dojo or streamline ordering with bundles of SUS’s most popular frames, connectors, accessories, and more. Each package includes drawings of structures that can be made from the existing parts with plenty of stock left over.