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  • GFJ-A13

    Palette Connector

  • GFJ-A36

    Stand Connector

  • GFJ-B45

    Stand Connector S

  • GFN-000

    Small Diameter Adjuster M12-100T

  • GFN-001

    Small Diameter Adjuster M12 (Stainless)

  • GFN-002

    Small Diameter Adjuster M12-60T

  • GFN-003S

    Small Diameter Adjuster M12-100T (Stainless)

  • GFN-009

    Adjuster with non-slip M8

  • GFN-500

    Free Caster φ100 Rubber with Brake

  • GFN-501

    Free Caster φ100 Rubber M6 with Brake

  • GFN-502

    Fixed Caster φ100 Rubber

  • GFN-503

    Fixed Caster φ100 Rubber M6

  • GFN-504

    Free Caster φ100 Rubber

  • GFN-505

    Frame Caster φ100 with Brake

  • GFN-506

    Frame Caster φ100

  • GFN-507

    Free Caster φ150 Rubber with Brake

  • GFN-508

    Free Caster φ100 Urethane with Brake

  • GFN-511

    Free Caster φ100 Urethane

  • GFN-512

    Caster Screw Fitting Type φ50 Nylon with Brake

  • GFN-513

    Caster Screw Fitting Type φ50 Nylon

  • GFN-517

    Free Caster φ150 Urethane with Brake

  • GFN-521

    Free Caster φ150 Rubber

  • GFN-522

    Free Caster φ150 Urethane

  • GFN-523

    Caster Screw Fitting Type φ75 Rubber with Brake

  • GFN-524

    Caster Screw Fitting Type φ75 Conductive with Brake