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The following connectors now use aluminum bolts:

These bolts are produced in SUS’s factory in Kikugawa using Aluminum 7050. There are no changes to the external dimensions, slip-load, moment load, or prices of these items.


The greatest changes are in the weight and torque needed for the new aluminum bolts.

Steel Bolts Aluminum Bolts
Torque: 15 N m Torque: 11 N m
Weight: 61g Weight: 51g

How to Use the Aluminum Bolts

SUS’s aluminum bolts do not require as much torque as steel bolts, so be careful not to over-tighten. We recommend using a hex key, NOT a ball wrench or impact driver, as it may strip the bolt.

Benefits of Aluminum Bolts

It was only after careful research that SUS decided to make the change to aluminum bolts in our most popular connectors. There are four key benefits to using aluminum bolts over iron or steel ones:

  1. Greater corrosion resistance
  2. Reduced loosening due to vibration
  3. Increased recyclability
  4. Lighter weight

To learn about these benefits, please watch the videos below.

Aluminum Bolt benefits
NAS Vibration Test

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